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Ken Howard LCSW, CST

What are you trying to achieve in your life? What challenges are you facing where you want help?

Gay men and gay male couples hire me to help them make important, lasting changes for the better in their lives, such as in their relationships, careers, health, sex life, finances, social life, or overall well-being, when you need an experienced and trusted long-time expert who “gets you” as a gay man.

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Meet Ken Howard LCSW, CST, a gay men's specialist.

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I have more experience doing coaching as a specialist in gay men than anyone else currently in the United States, with over 31 years of experience.  I can help you get relief from the life challenges, mental health struggles, stressors, and symptoms you face now. Specialities include help for depression, anxiety, OCD, ADD, PTSD, and substance use challenges. 

An LGBT-affirmative coach, and more specifically, a gay men’s specialist coach, is equipped to help you in ways that are deeper, more nuanced, and ultimately more effective than even the most well-meaning straight therapist can. 

There are cultural issues, socio-political dynamics, historical context, men’s psychology considerations, terminology, academic knowledge, clinical insights, and other details of “cultural competency” to work specifically with gay men that I offer, that only decades of clinical experience, writing, research, and personal perspective living with and among the LGBT community can provide.

Coaching Services

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My Life Coaching services specifically designed for gay men can help you close the gap between how life is, and how you would like it to be, in important areas like your health, career, finances, sex, relationships, social life, and family.
Through a combination of support, challenge, accountability, and motivation for incremental gains over time, you move toward your goals and go further with coaching than you could on your own.
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Career Coaching helps you to stay on track for the arc of your career in the short term and the long term to do work that you find both meaningful and lucrative.
By being coached on making the most of your commercial professional skills, and your unique interests and talents, a career that is both emotionally and financially fulfilling is possible.
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Today’s busy executives have a lot of workplace responsibility for productivity, leadership, and managing both finances and staff. Gay men have additional challenges with these in a diverse organizational cultural context.
Executive Coaching helps you be at your best skills and leadership, so that your staff and your organization are at their best.
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Relationship Coaching differs from couples therapy in that therapy involves helping someone who needs treatment for even a mild diagnosable psychiatric disability or stressor and how their partner can help with that.
Relationship Coaching is focused on emotional, domestic, sexual, social, career, community, and family goals for you and your partner to work toward for a secure future. This can include sex coaching and education, with my background as a certified sex educator from AASECT, the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors, and Therapists, one of the few gay men nationwide who hold this two-year training credential.
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Healthy Aging

I have a special background in studying developmental psychology and how to age successfully through the lifespan. Coaching for healthy aging helps you be at your best emotionally, professionally, socially, interpersonally, sexually, and financially at every age, from youth to middle age to seniorhood, when each phase has unique challenges and rewards.
Aging doesn’t have to mean decline; Healthy Aging Coaching helps you cope with challenges at any age to learn to enjoy each time in your life.
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